Texas economy ranking in the world

Where does Texas, the second biggest state, rank in the world?


Texas economy in world terms

According to U.S. Department of Commerce estimates, Texas’s GDP (gross domestic product) was $1.14 trillion. And that ranks Texas as the world’s 14th largest economy in 2009.

Since the 1970s, Texas has ranked in the high teens, generally not going below 15th, except in 1974 when it was the 16th biggest economy.

In the middle 1980s and from 1999 to 2002, Texas was ranked in the top 10, at number 10.

Texas economy ranks behind Russia

The Texas economy currently ranks 14th just behind Russia and ahead of Australia. Texas was 13th in 2008.

Texas has generally been ranking 1 or 2 spots behind Canada. However, with the growth of Brazil, India and Russia, Texas's ranking has been going down the last decade.

Largest world economies looks at how the top economies by country has changed over the years. Country data is from the World Bank.

Texas economy and world economies

Gross domestic product in $ trillion (This list includes both Texas and California, which is ranked 8th)
Rank Country / State GDP
11 Canada 1.33
12 India 1.31
13 Russia 1.23
14 Texas 1.14
15 Australia 0.92
16 Mexico 0.87
17 South Korea 0.83
18 Netherlands 0.79
19 Turkey 0.61
20 Indonesia 0.54
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