Ohio GDP size and rank

The Ohio economy is ranked in the top 10 largest in the United States. The state's economic output is close to half a trillion dollars.

The size of the Ohio economy was $472 billion in 2008. This GDP data is based on current dollars, while the inflation adjusted GDP, real GDP, based on prices in the year 2000, places the Ohio economy at $386 billion in 2008. All these statistics are according to the Department of Commerce.

Ohio economy rank

The Ohio economy's ranking is the 8th largest in the United States, ahead of North Carolina and behind New Jersey.


Manufacturing led all sectors in the state's economy. Manufacturing contributed $84 billion in economic terms in 2008, that's nearly 18% of the total. In the year 2000, manufacturing accounted for more than 22.5% of the Ohio economy.

Coming in second with $54 billion, the government sector was responsible for 11.5% of the Ohio economy in 2008, however, in real terms, the government was responsible for 10% in 2008.Although the breakdown for the various governmental sectors are not yet available for 2008, the state government accounted for as much as 8.5% of the economy in 2007.

Real estate, healthcare, finance

Real estate and related sectors contributed $47 billion to Ohio's economic development and was ranked the third highest sector.

The economic output of healthcare was $40 billion, while finance and insurance contributed $35 billion to the state's GDP.

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Ohio economic data
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