California economy ranking in the world

Where does the California economy rank in world terms? Has the state been able to hold on to its position as one of the largest economies in the world, while dealing with the recent economic troubles? We look below at the state's current ranking and how it has ranked in previous years.


California economy world ranking

According to U.S. Department of Commerce estimates, California’s GDP (gross domestic product) was $1.89 trillion. And that puts California as the world’s eighth largest economy in 2009.

Since the 1970s, California has ranked 7th biggest world economy, although for a couple of years in 1984 and 1985, California was the 5th largest economy in the world.

California economy ranks behind Italy

The California economy currently ranks eighth just behind Italy and ahead of Brazil and Spain.

California has been ranking 1 or 2 spots below Italy, since the 1970s, however in the year 2000 California jumped over Italy to the 6th spot, when Italy had one year of negative economic growth that set Italy back a couple of years before it regained its economic footing.

However, in 2002, California was overtaken by China's economy and fell back to the 7th largest spot, And in 2003, when Italy's economy regained its normal pace of growth, Italy surpassed California and pushed it back another spot to eighth biggest economy, the rank it has occupied every year since 2003.

World economy ranking looks at how the top economies by country has changed over the years. Country data is from the World Bank.

California economy among world economies

Gross domestic product in $ trillions
Rank Country / State GDP
1 United States (without California) 12.3
2 Japan 5.07
3 China 4.98
4 Germany 3.33
5 France 2.65
6 United Kingdom 2.17
7 Italy 2.11
8 California 1.89
9 Brazil 1.57
10 Spain 1.46
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