California cities increase sales taxes effective April 2011

With city economies struggling to balance their budgets in California, thirteen cities will be increasing their sales and use tax rates beginning April 2011. With these latest tax increases, some of these cities in California will be entering the 10% sales tax club this year.

Cities increasing sales and use taxes

Sales taxes will increase in the following cities: San Leandro and Union City in Alameda County, Concord and El Cerrito in Contra Costa, Placerville in El Dorado, Eureka in Humboldt, Santa Monica and South El Monte in Los Angeles County, Novato in Marin, Marina in Monterrey, Tracy in San Joaquin County, Santa Rosa in Sonoma and Wheatland in Yuba County.

The highest sales tax increase is in the city of Marina in Monterrey County. Taxes there increase by as much as 1%.

These voter approved measures go into effect April 1, 2011.

Joining the 10 percent sales and use tax list

Some of the cities increasing taxes in April will be among the highest taxed jurisdictions in California and will join the other cities already in the 10% bracket. The new cities in this list are: El Cerrito, San Leandro, Santa Monica, South El Monte and Union City.

Two cities that did not increase its sales and use taxes will still charge the highest taxes in the state. They are Pico Rivera and South Gate in Los Angeles County with 10.75% sales and use taxes.

Other cities charging over 10% are El Monte and Inglewood also in Los Angeles County.

Overall Los Angeles County is home to 6 cities that levy more than 10 percent sales taxes, while Alameda County has 2 and Contra Costa County has 1.

List of cities increasing sales and use taxes in April 2011

City Tax Increase Total Sales
and Use Taxes
San Leandro 0.25% 10.00% Alameda County
Union City 0.50% 10.25% Alameda County
Concord 0.50% 9.75% Contra Costa County
El Cerrito 0.50% 10.25% Contra Costa County
Placerville 0.25% 8.75% El Dorado County
Eureka 0.50% 9.00% Humboldt County
Santa Monica 0.50% 10.25% Los Angeles County
South El Monte 0.5% 10.25% Los Angeles County
Novato 0.50% 9.50% Marin County
Marina 1.0% 9.25% Monterrey County
Tracy 0.5% 9.25% San Joaquin County
Santa Rosa 0.25% 9.50% Sonoma County
Wheatland 0.50% 8.75% Yuba County
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